Flower tips: How to make flowers last longer

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flower care tips: How to make your flowers last longer

If you buy flowers or if someone gave you a bouquet you want to enjoy them as long as possible. A number of factors determine a flower’s life span, some of which you can control. If you know how to take care of cut flowers you can really make flowers last. Here are eight tips to help you make flowers last longer.

How long should flowers last?

Flowers should last for at least five days after you have bought them. A good flower shop will make sure its flower selection stays fresh and will not sell “old” flowers. That is why good flower shops are often a little more expensive than others. The florist puts a lot of effort in maintaining a fresh selection of flowers.

If possible only buy flowers from a flower shop with a quality guarantee. If you find yourself often wondering “why your flowers perish so quickly” it is probably time to find another flower shop. Especially if you stuck to the tips in this article.

Wether you buy flowers in our shop in Amsterdam, buy flowers via our webshop or subscribed to our weekly flower service, we guarantee that our flowers last at least 5 days. In most cases they last much longer.

Eight tips for making your flowers last

  • Always use a very clean vase.

  • Put flowers in fresh, clean water

  • The harder the stems, the more water flowers need

  • Always use the flower food you got from your florist. (Put it in the water)
  • Before you arrange them in a vase cut the bottom of the stems diagonally. (preferably with a sharp knife)
Keep leafs and dirt out of the vase water

  • Do not position a vase with flowers close to fruit, heating, or in direct sunlight.

  • Refresh vase water with fresh water, when it becomes mirky. 
(and trim stems again)

With these care tips you should really be able to stretch the life span of your flowers allowing you to enjoy them longer.
If you buy fresh flowers only and adhere to the tips above you will notice a difference. Good luck!”

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