This handsome eye catcher vase fits perfectly with one of our Amsterdam bouquets or with just a couple of tall flowers. Real craftsmanship.

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Bombyxx Daisy, an extraordinary and characteristic mouth-blown vase.

This Bombyxx vase (M= 18 × 7,5 × 31 cm) (L= 18 × 7,5 × 39 cm) was produced in three different stages (blowing, cutting and polishing). In various unique and complex steps the thick and heavy glass is shaped and finished by hand. Thus, each vase gets its own unique structure. Each vase a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

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This handsome eye catcher is perfect for one of our Amsterdam bouquets. Both vases will hold a €25,- or €35,- bouquet perfectly while the Large is also very well suited for just a couple of singular tall flowers (60-120 cm).

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