Ecuador rozen

Which roses are the most beautiful?

The most beautiful roses in the world

The most beautiful roses in the world come from Ecuador. Ecuador has a beautiful mountain range with very fertile volcanic soil and the best climate for roses. Everything there is just perfect for growing these flowers. Ecuadorian rose estates are sometimes located as high as 3000 meters above sea level! The intensity of sunlight is extremely high and air pressure is very low resulting in slow but steady growth with fat flower heads and juicy stems. And those colors!… You just have to love them.

Directly from the plain into our shop

Our Ecuador roses are cut an packaged for transport on the same day. Then they are flown from Quito airport to Amsterdam where our importer collects them. The next day we put them on display in our shop and on our website for you to buy.  Because of the swiftness of this proces the flowers are extremely fresh. So you can enjoy them a lot longer than you are used to.

Semi sustainable roses

In our shop we label flowers with a sustainability level and Ecuador roses are labeled “Semi Sustainable”. Our rose grower is a certified sustainable grower taking care of the environment and the social welfare local communities. If this grower would have been located in the Netherlands it would receive a “sustainable” label, but because they are flown in, causing environmental damage we label them “Semi Sustainable” Unfortunately these spectacular roses cannot be grown in the Netherlands.