Flower workshop friday May 24 2024


Learn all about flowers and how to arrange a bouquet.

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flower workshop: bouquet styling

In our flower workshop we welcome you to our flower world and tell you all about flowers and the techniques to arrange a beautiful bouquet. The goal is to make an URBANBLOOM bouquet that is ultimately inspired by the famous flower still life paintings of the Dutch master painters of the golden age.

The biology of flowers

In our workshop we start of by telling you all about the biology of flowers. Issues like; how much water to use, what to do with flower food, how to cut your flowers and what may harm flowers, will be addressed. This will help you to make the flowers you buy last as long as possible. We will also show you how to pick your flowers for this bouquet from our flower wall.

bouquet styling

During our flower workshops we will teach a group of 8 to 12 people some of our bouquet styling techniques. Among which the “corn sheaf technique” used to neatly arrange flowers without damaging the stems. When your masterpiece is finished we will wrap it in paper to protect is from the wind and rain outside.


At the end of our flower workshop we will show you how to wrap your creation in paper. This will allow you to take your bouquet home and protect the flowers from rain and wind. Now we say goodbye and all you have to do is take your creation home, put your bouquet up for display and be proud.

Agenda Flower workshop in May

19:00 hrs – – – Doors open

19:15 hrs – – – Introduction

19:30 hrs – – – Instruction flower handling

19:45 hrs – – – Make your flower selection

20:00 hrs – – – Bouquet arranging

21:00 hrs – – – Bouquet packaging and clean-up

21:30 hrs – – – End workshop


Javaplein 4
1094HW Amsterdam


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