sustainable flowers - we are planet proof

URBANBLOOM is very aware of its responsibility for the environment and society. Ever since 2014 we have taken steps to improve our environmental footprint and carry a selection of sustainable flowers. For example by adopting ways to save energy and water in our operation but also by changing the way we work.

Flowers and sustainability… A somewhat troubled relationship. Especially in autumn and winter, when there are no naturally blooming flowers in The Netherlands, flowers come from greenhouses or are flown in from far away countries. But also in autumn and winter a lot of people still want to have flowers. That is why we are always looking the best possible eco-friendly, sustainable flowers available. And we try to maintain a good balance between our sense of style and our sense of responsibility for the environment.

One of the best sellers in the webshop is our sustainable bouquet. The flowers in this bouquet come from sustainable farms in the Netherlands with an eye for the environment and society.

planet proof, this is what we do

  • We only use LED lighting
  • We do not use any natural gas
  • We separate our garbage
  • We use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Our shop is designed so that it is accessible for the disabled.
  • Our distribution is 100% electric with zero emission
  • We use 100 % sustainable Dutch energy from
  • We do not have heating in our building (no we don’t!)
  •  We buy sustainable flowers with a ECO Certification 
  • We are involved in neighbourhood initiatives
  • We use as little cellophane as possible for packaging
  • We try to re-use water as much as we can
  • We switch off lights in the evening
  • Triodos bank is our bank
  • We only sell plants with an ECO certification
  • We train young florists and get them ready for the future
Zero emissie