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Bring Christmas to your home

Here you will find all you need for a special Christmas in Amsterdam. Buy your decorations like Christmas trees, baubles, wreaths and even decorated trees here at URBANBLOOM and have it delivered to your doorstep in Amsterdam.

Please contact us before ordering a decorated Christmas tree online.



Decorated Christmas tree service

URBANBLOOM's decorated Christmas tree service brings Chistmas to your home or office. Throughout the Netherlands our team of stylists come over to set up decorated trees in homes and offices. You do not need to purchase your own tree, decorations or materials; we take care of everything. The baubles, the lights, the stand... everything. And after Christmas, in January, we come to dismantle and collect everything. It is all very convenient! And just like we do with our our bouquets, we decorate the trees in a modern, urban creative style. You can choose from several color themes. We only use real trees with a ECO trade mark for our decorated Christmas tree service. Real trees give so much more atmosphere and authenticity. Plus the pine tree aroma real trees treat you to is sooo nice. Did you know that a cut pine tree needs water regularly to stay fresh and green? Just like a flower does.
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Special Christmas baubles and other decorations

Enjoy Christmas in Amsterdam! This year we have a special selection of ornaments and baubles that we handpicked. Everybody has red and green baubles already. What do you think of candy or earphones in your tree?

Order a Christmas wreath online

This Christmas we sell our famous decorated Christmas wreaths online. Try decorating your front door with one of our wreaths for more atmosphere and a great welcome.  Order your wreath online for delivery in the greater Amsterdam area.


A Christmas wreath on the front door or even inside just gives such a classic ambiance. And the scent is so wonderful too. For us the Christmas wreath is the trend for this year in Amsterdam. A wreath on your front door radiates warmth and ambiance out to the city. It contributes to a positive and warm street atmosphere. It not only welcomes you home after a long day at work, it welcomes every passing by your front door! It inspires the city.

Order a Christmas tree

We also sell trees without decoration. Our sustainable Christmas tree is MPS-A certified and comes from Dutch farms. The MPS-A certificate is an international standard for sustainable farming and only given to farmers that produce plants and flowers in a sustainable way. During the production of these trees things like fertilizer, pesticides, energy consumption, waste management, water use and use of materials are carefully monitored. The A level MPS certificate is only given to farmers with the highest standards. But besides its MPS-A certification, it is most of all just a very beautiful tree. Fresh, green and it holds on to its needles. Pick up from our shop or have a Christmas tree delivered in Amsterdam.