Nordmann ECO Christmas tree 250 -275 cm


Our sustainably grown Nordmann Christmas tree 250 cm is MPS-A certified, beautiful and keeps it’s needles. Choose pickup or delivery in Amsterdam.

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Sustainable Christmas tree 250 cm

Our sustainable Christmas tree 250 cm is MPS-A certified and comes from Dutch farms. The MPS-A certificate is an international standard for sustainable farming and only given to farmers that produce plants and flowers in a sustainable way. During the production of these Christmas trees things like fertilizer, pesticides, energy consumption, waste management, water use and use of materials are carefully monitored. The A level MPS certificate is only given to farmers with the highest standards. 

Our Christmas trees are only cut at the end of november to make sure that they are as fresh as can be and keep their needles.

Nordmann Christmas trees always keep their needles

Our ECO Nordmann Christmas tree is very fresh and strong. It keeps its needles, even when it is drying out. That saves a lot of time and frustration because you don’t have to clean the floor every day. It is a classic Christmas tree.

Top five in Amsterdam

iAmsterdam is recommending URBANBLOOM (Bloemen op Locatie) as one of the top 5 places to buy your Christmas tree. 

Decorated Christmas tree service

No need to purchase your own tree, decorations or materials; we take care of everything. The baubles, the lights, the stand… everything. Including setting up and even dismantling after Christmas. It is all very convenient!
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Dimensions 125 × 125 × 250 cm


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