Starlightz Christmas star



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Bring Christmas to your home with a Startlightz star

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Hand made in India

A Starlightz star realy brings Christmas home. This fire safety treated paper star shines a warm and colorful light. The holes in the paper star create a beautiful light pattern because of the colorful paper they are covered with.

Starlightz are made in India by a company that takes care of a sustainable production proces and a respectful approach to everybody in the supply chain, good labor conditions and protection of the environment.

Each star is hand made with a lot of love and dedication. The holes in the paper are manually cut and covered with handmade colorful paper. 

Starlightz werkplaats

Geeta Red, Cristal Black, Mono Pink, Kalea Amber, Jaipur Turquiose Blue, Queen of Java, Diwali Amber, Mercury Red, Marrakesh Black White, Jaipur Brown Jellow, Monsoon, Siluett White, Mono Green


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