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Aloe vera

When you think of buying an Aloe Vera plant, keep in mind that it is an easy plant to take care of, but it does have specific needs. This plant originally came from the Middle East and is found abundantly in countries on the southern rim of the Mediterranean. It is a succulent that thrives in dry, sunny conditions.

Taking care of your Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera grows in dry regions with poor soil. It is a succulent that, just like cacti, is well equipped to survive in harsh, hot and dry conditions.


Aloe Vera likes direct sunlight. Pick a spot in direct sunlight or in a half shadow spot. It needs sunlight for a good portion of the day. If you put this plant in a shadow spot it will rot.

room temperature

In Amsterdam room temperatures are best for Aloe Vera. This plant doesn’t like prolonged cold periods so In The Netherlands it is typically an interior plant.


Cacti and succulents needs very little water. In winter, just ignore it when watering your plants. In other seasons just give it very little water every now and then. Just enough to prevent the soil from dehydrating completely. The amount of water determines the plant’s growth. More water, more growth. But be careful: This plant does not like wet conditions!

Spraying is not necessary and can even do harm to this plant.

Plant food

Succulents needs very little nutrients. It grows, just like cacti, in poor soil. If you want it accelerate its growth you can give it some cactus fertilizer once in spring. Or if you cannot get that, you could use an ordinary liquid fertilizer. You will have to dilute it though. (one drop per liter water should be fine) 

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