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Plant fertilizer: Fish emulsion for healthy soil

This Fish emulsion is a sediment fertilizer also used in Aquaponics. It stimulates plant growth and the production of micro-organisms and a useful bacteria in soil. After only a couple of days you will notice the difference. The poor soil will become rich and fatty. Your plants will love it!

  • Dosage: 2 drops per liter water
  • Frequency: once every 2 weeks
  • NKP: 5-1-4

Plants need fertilizer regularly

When you buy a plant it always looks good doesn’t it? That is because the farmer and the plant shop take good care of their plants and fertilize its soil regularly. At the start, when you just bought your plant, it will have enough nutrients in the soil to last for some weeks. But after a few weeks the soil will become poor and your plant will deteriorate slowly. So when you buy a plant, think to get some natural fertilizer too.

At URBANBLOOM we use organic fertilizers only. These contain not only nutrients but also micro organisms and useful bacteria that help build your plants soil. Only add a few drops to water and you are ready to go. So a small bottle will last a long time.

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