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Monstera (Philodendron)

Monstera is a classic! This interior plant has been every one’s favorate for decades. It fits every home and any style. It is durable, easy to care for and reasonably fast growing. And so nice and green!

Taking care of your monstera

Monstera is a tropical plant. It grows under the canopy of rain forrest where the the burning sun is filtered and softer and conditions are moist.


This plant doesn’t like direct sunlight. Put it somewhere just outside the sun or in a place where there is no more than 2 hours of direct sunlight per day.

room temperature

Monstera likes room temperatures and doesn’t like cold conditions. Because it is a tropical plant it grows well in rooms with some humidity. Especially in winter, when heating will make indoor air quite dry, the Monstera will appreciate some spraying.


This plant needs to be watered once a week on average. But better is to stick a finger about 3 cm deep into the soil and feel if the soil is moist. If it still feels moist the plant doesn’t need water. Try to water this plant only if the soil starts to feel dry because it doesn’t like overly wet conditions. (This doesn’t have to be after exactly one week, but can be quicker or later)

Plant food

Like almost any plant the Monstera likes fertilizer every now and then. Best is to use two drops of liquid fertilizer per liter water every fortnight. (In winter it is best to lower the frequency to once every four weeks) Do not use fertilizer more than this because over feeding can harm this plant.

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