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Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

The Chinese money plant (called pancake plant in Dutch) is an easy to take for interior plant. It is nice and green. Nice and retro. (it was very popular in the 70s) This plant originally comes from China and was introduced to European homes as an interior plant by a Norwegian missionary stationed in China when he had to leave the country during the second world war. Cuttings of this plant started its journey through Scandinavia and later Europe.

Taking care of your Chinese money plant

Put it in the right spot and the Chinese money plant is easy to take care for. Just water it once a week and everything will be fine.


This plant prefers a place with lots of light but not too much direct sunlight. Direct sunlight heats up the plant and dries out its root ball resulting in yellow, limpy leafs.

room temperature

The Chines money plant likes room temperatures and doesn’t like cold conditions.


The root ball of a Chinese money plant is often quite small making it vulnerable to dehydration. This plant needs to be watered once a week on average. But better is to stick a finger about 3 cm deep into the soil and feel if the soil is moist. If it still feels moist the plant doesn’t need water. Try to water this plant only if the soil starts to feel dry because it doesn’t like overly wet conditions. (This doesn’t have to be after exactly one week, but can be quicker or later)

Plant food

A Chinese money plant needs very little plant food. But in spring and summer, when the growth season starts it is wize to give the plant somu nutrients every now and then. Best is to use two drops of liquid fertilizer per liter water every four weeks. In winter time stop plant food all together. Do not use fertilizer more than this because over feeding can harm this plant.

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