Our favorite flower shops in The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a great flower city with some very exciting flower shops. With us at URBANBLOOM you can have a bouquet delivered in Amsterdam that is gorgeous and full of spunk. But where else can you get such modern and urban style bouquets, outside of Amsterdam. Where do you go to in other cities? Or… where can I buy similar bouquets online for another city than Amsterdam? We are asked these questions a lot.

It makes us happy if people buy flowers from artisanal, modern, creative florists with gusts. Rather with the small flower shops than with the big chains with gigantic marketing budgets. With this page we celebrate the small flower shops in the Netherlands. Because small shops determine the atmosphere and bubbles in city streets and neighborhoods.

's Zomers in rotterdam

Passionate florists with guts!
Boekhorststraat 44-54 | Rotterdam | 010 412 7746

Dennis in haarlem

We are particularly charmed by Anna's work. If she is there you are lucky!
Koningstraat 22 | Haarlem | 023 551 1020

Jasmijn in haarlem

A new interious every 6 week.
Zijlweg 42 | Haarlem | 023 5312623